11/20/2015 update:

Play the latest release and get info HERE (https://jzitelli.github.io/poolvr)!


BACKGROUND (11/11/2015):

I'm sorry to say that at the time of submission to the Leap Motion 3D Jam, poolvr is more of a tech demo than a polished WebVR / Leap Motion experience. I ran out of time before I could implement physics for the pockets, or any game logic - you can just hit balls around with a cue stick which uses the leap.js tool tracking functionality. The graphics could be vastly improved (somehow I left in an atrocious place-holding texture on the floor), there is no audio, tracking could be made more robust, no real options are exposed through the interface (even though they exist in the code), etc... But I will continue to work on poolvr! It will be awesome some day, I promise!

poolvr is an open-source project, available on GitHub: https://github.com/jzitelli/poolvr. It leverages several open-source projects, notably:

OLD / DEPRECATED!!!!!!!!!!


The LeapMotion sensor should be mounted to your HMD.

Allow Web Apps, Hand Tracking, and Tool Tracking should all be enabled via the Leap Motion Control Panel.

For proper Oculus Rift DK2 support (the only VR device I tested with), you need to use a WebVR-enabled browser. Versions are available from Mozilla or Chrome.

  • To move around:
    • keyboard:
      • W / S / A / D keys to move forward / backward / leftward / rightward
      • left / right arrow keys to turn
      • E / C keys to move up and down
    • XBox gamepad:
      • move with the left stick (push the stick in for up / down movement)
      • turn left / right with the right stick
  • To use the cue stick:
    • hold a pencil or other stick-like object in front of you
    • hit balls with the tip of the cue stick! The rest of the stick does not interact with the balls.
  • VR tracking controls:
    • keyboard:
      • Z key to reset the VR sensor
      • V key to toggle VR tracking
    • XBox gamepad:
      • back button to reset the VR sensor

The pockets are just for show - you can't pocket any balls!

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